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Artist Portfolio
Dr. Raj Kamal

Mutatis mutandis 2018

A display of colors and textures through material experimentation in the pursuit of abstraction.

arts moda 2021

An exploration of abstraction with self-developed material experimentation techniques. Plastics, paper, acrylic paint, ink and heat application were explored to produce abstract organic textures.

fragments 2022

An effort to integrate scientific philosophies relating to information theory, fragmentation, entropy and visual abstract art, two art works were showcased in this exhibition. 

1) Fragmentation and Entropy: "Spatial" Expansion

2) Fragmentation and Entropy: "Spatial" Overlap

resonance - Sound art 2022

A collaboration effort with visual installation artist, Janice Lum, to express conversations exploring people, relationships and sounds.

Raj Kamal - Resonance
00:00 / 02:47
Sonic brew - 2023

A 2-part performance consisting of music composition and visual art inspired live-guitar improvisation.


1.      A continuation of a visual abstract art work that was exhibited in a virtual exhibition in May 2022, Fragments. The title of the artwork is Fragmentation and Entropy: Spatial Expansion which abstractly represents the relationship between information, distortion and the uncertainty distortion creates. The entire visual concept was "converted" into a sound form live guitar performance, played together with motion graphics designed based on the visual art.
2.      A 9-minute Electronic Dance Music (EDM) exploring genres such as dark techno, synth trance and more with Ableton software. You can hear bits of my composition in the video here.

Primordial Patterns - 2023

A 2-part performance consisting of a blended music composition and visual art inspired live-guitar improvisation and Live Jazz Improvisation. 

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