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At EduSync Learning Hub, we coach our participants to be:

  • The Independent Learner - Instilled with questioning techniques for self learning, regardless of subject content

  • The Creative Thinker - Instilled with methods that enhance creativity

  • ​The Goal Setter - Instilled with the idea of goal setting and mental techniques to achieve

  • The Adaptable Opportunist – Instilled with the ability to adapt to changing environment

Culture & style

At EduSync, we set a friendly interactive atmosphere where our contagious enthusiasm and curiosity for knowledge acts as the base of the workshops.

We value every question our students ask by further discussing the thought process behind them, which is the most important aspect of the workshops.

Vision & Drive

We want every individual to explore to their full artistic and scientific potential and furthermore, integrate the two "distinctively separate" areas of exploration, reevaluate existing thinking models and pave the way for innovation in every discipline.

Values & ethics

We believe that every student is creative in their own way. We believe that building students' questioning sense and openness to creative approaches will enhance the ability of the individual to live an exploratory life.

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