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Pink Sugar

Pedagogical research
on concerns affecting the learning of mathematics and the effectiveness of innovative teaching solutions

As we develop innovative educational courses based on multi-disciplinary themes integrating visuals, sounds and math, science and more, it is important for us to streamline our efforts with actual pedagogical findings and research.

One of our key focus is on the learning of mathematics for early and mid-year level students. "I hate Math" is a common phrase used by most students especially. This can be detrimental on many levels in terms of how a society evolves in terms of innovation. Alot of times, we find ourselves categorizing Left and Right Brainers very early in a child's development. Overtime, we create partitions of learning and training with very little intermingling.

If we look at the past, innovators like the Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Claudio Monteverdi from the Renaissance era, were exploring with knowledge and perspectives over the entire spectrum from arts to math to science. Their works reflects the essence of all elements of knowledge rather than distinct partitions of technical and non-technical disciplines. Arts had Math. Math had artistic and linguistic elements. This is innovation and what we lack in our education nowadays. We believe something happened along the way and evolved to what we see now.

We recognize this educational pandemic and aim to understand this from pedagogical stance. Our first and fundamental aim is to identify factors why students hate math. Secondarily, we want to find out if the innovative methods we design actually makes a difference, using pedagogical techniques, leading to the improvement and refinement, to cater for the well-being of students. We believe this is the most responsible way to grow as an educational platform.

We are constantly working with educators and researchers in pursuit of our aim. To work with us or share your comments/knowledge, please feel free to contact us at

The Lucid Umbrella

The Lucid Umbrella Pte Ltd is a spin-off initiative aiming to integrate Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, Visuals, Experimental Sound, Music, Dance and basically anything, through solo performances and collaborative efforts with other artists.


Dr. Raj Kamal is the founding director and a performing artist at The Lucid Umbrella which:

1) Serves as a platform for creative fusion performances and arts,

2) Designs and conducts Fusion workshops and

3) Acts as the main professional body conducting research on pedagogy and the validity of fusion and alternative learning techniques

Pedagogy Research

Design of Fusion workshops

Inter-dependent Development of Pedagogy & Assessing validity of workshops 

Collaborative Art Performance

Design of Fusion workshops by performing artists

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